Superior Stamps & Brands

Superior Stamps & Brands

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Superior Stamps and Brands are designed on a precision CAD/CAM/CNC system, with .0004 of an inch accuracy. They're machined out of 3/8” to 2.5 “ diameter brass, 1.25” thick, which holds up beautifully in this application.

Each brand or stamp is taped and comes with a hardwood handle, with stainless bolt and nuts and lock washers, keeping your hand safe from the heat. 

Please use the Contact Form to request a custom quote if you need a stamp larger than 2.5", or if you need design services with your stamp order. We can scan original art, or convert real objects into 3D computer geometry and make a mold for you.

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After your order, you will receive an email requesting your stamp design; email us a bmp, jpg, DWG*, or DXF*.

(*preferred formats) 

Stamps vs. Brand 

  • A stamp leaves a positive impression in your glass, much like embossing on paper. 
  • A brand leaves a negative impression, pushed into your glass, much like letterpress printing on paper.

What can you do with a stamp?

Continually advertise, by putting your name, logo, or other information on your pieces.

Where to use?

  • Ornamental fishing floats, Witch balls
  • Sun-catchers
  • Artistic buttons on your blown pieces make them even more unique.  
  • Stamp and sell those end cuts, with your logo or a piece of art and sell it or give it away.
  • Cookies

Stamp your shop logo and hand out

  • As sporting event awards, marathons, crew, etc
  • Corporate Awards
  • As Christmas ornaments

Brand your glass build your brand

We can make stamps and brands in all sizes from 3/8th of an inch to 4” or larger.


The trick in getting a good impression with a stamp is to make sure the glass is hot as possible. Gather and come ripping hot out of the glory hole, drop the cookie on the marver, and stamp immediately. Put pressure on the stamp and hold for a few seconds. Don’t be afraid to press hard as the glass hitting the marver is instantly cooled, and you won't be able to push all the way through the glass.

Also torching the surface for a few seconds while the cookie is flattening before stamping enhances the impression. Finally use reduction colors and torch after stamping to bring the chromes and golds out on the top of the letters and graphics.