Better Blocks

Better Blocks

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The next generation of glass blocks!

Better Blocks feel great in the hand, look beautiful, and last longer than traditional glass blocks thanks to proprietary wood stabilization and hardening processes (no chemicals were used in the stabilization process). These blocks are guaranteed to last, and are sustainably and locally sourced. 

We are now providing standard wrapped and reusable block handles for free with each block. The handles are made separately from the heads, allowing you to save and recycle the handle - when you reorder, just order the heads. Heads are sealed and the bolt is stainless, so they should last a good long time. After you eventually burn out your original block, just order a new block head and screw it on.

To order a handle (no head), select Handle Only, NA under Size, and choose whether you want a Standard Handle (no pommel) or an Ergonomic Handle (with pommel).

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Enduro Blocks are made for endurance and abuse. Because they’re made to last, choose Enduro Blocks for schools and studios that offer glass blowing experiences. Enduro Blocks are are thicker and asymmetrical because blocks burnout down and toward the right, so the blocks were designed with extra wood in those areas.

Pro Blocks are made for the professional so we’ve designed them to be lighter and symmetrical, with the bottom thicker than the sides.

Ergo Handle, can be added to either block style. The end of the handle is counter weighted with a brass pommel, so the weight of the block is offset by the weight of the handle and pommel for balance. A balanced tool, though weighing a bit more, feels lighter and is economically superior, which reduces fatigue and stress on the carpal tunnel.

Better Design: These blocks are designed on a CAD system for full control of shape and form, then cut on a CNC machine that is accurate to 1 thousandth of an inch. The flat back allows you to further shape your glass, and bigger blocks will sit flat on your marver or table. The next-generation handles have grips so they’ll never feel slimy.

Better Materials: Most block makers make their blocks out of a fruit wood like cherry or apple. Better Blocks are crafted out of Madrona. Madrona is a very hard and dense wet wood with the highest char characteristics, lasting significantly longer than standard blocks.

Madrona has a bad reputation for splitting when it dries out, and we do still want you to keep in water in the bucket. However, through a proprietary process our wood is stabilized, significantly reducing the tendency for cracking. This process also makes the wood consistent in hardness, where other block makers use sapwood and heartwood in the same block, which leads to inconsistent burning. 

Better Handles: Handles don’t break off. The next generation handles are made to last, they are turned, sealed and wrapped to further the life of the handle. They are mechanically fastened to the block head with brass, and are designed to always fit the next block head. Other makers turn the handle down to a small dowel and so the weakest point is the joint between the handle and the block, and of course breaks eventually. Our handles are made to resist rot and breakage, and to extend the life of your tool.

Better Balance: A balanced tool is less fatiguing to use. Our CAD design allows us to center our handles on the center of mass of the block, for better balance.

Better Endurance: Better blocks have been tested at glass facilities that do production, and teach courses - exposing the blocks to the full brutal experience of a working glass shop. Our testers say the Madrona blocks were the best they have ever used and that they lasted significantly longer than standard blocks. In one week of constant use, it was reported that the block was still not fully blackened on the inside.

Better Marking: Fishing through your bucket for the right block can be frustrating, so we mark our blocks with colored bands on the end of the handle so you can quickly and consistently grab the right size block from your bucket.

Better Packaging: No drying out in shipment, no mold. Blocks are treated and packaged to prevent mold and mildew. The treatment solution will instantly diffuse in the water in your bucket so there’s no need to prep the block once you receive it. We have rigorously tested our methods to store blocks so they would stay damp, but with no mold so you can store extra block heads to swap out when you need them..