Mighty Molds

Mighty Molds


What’s so mighty about Mighty Molds?

The Process: Molds are designed on a CAD system, tool-pathed on a CAM system, and then cut on a CNC machine that is resolute to 0.0005 of an inch. These use CAD-CAM-CNC all in one process so there are no translation errors.

The Proof: A 3D proof will be sent to you to verify so you get what you want, and so you can show your customer for approval.

The Wood: Madrona - it has better char characteristics than cherry and is denser and holds more water, thus will last longer than any mold you have used before. (Read more about why we use Madrona in our Better Blocks section).

The Assembly: Two alignment pins and sockets, use by metal mold makers are set into your mold to make sure it aligns correctly each time.

The Hardware: Stainless hinges screws and feet, allow you to keep the mold soaked and rust free. Also an adjustable tempered steal necking plate will make sure your jack line is correct every time.

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